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Research Assistant

Emily is a Research Assistant for the Beacon app, applying her health promotion background to empower families to feel confident in navigating the online world. She maintains the app by ensuring the content reflects the latest trends and research.

In 2022, Emily was awarded an Australian Health Promotion Association Scholarship which funded her work on the evaluation of the Beacon app, where she gained skills in qualitative research to understand the perspectives of parents and carers who use Beacon. She has also coordinated a project investigating the social media app TikTok and its implications for young people and families.

Project Coordinator

Candice is a Project Coordinator for the Beacon app, providing her 10+ years of experience in research to lead the project management and ensure Beacon remains a high quality and accessible tool for families across Australia.

Candice is also a Project Coordinator for the Bright Tomorrows app, which helps support families and caregivers of children between 0-5 years to encourage brain building opportunities and interactions in everyday moments.

The contributions of all past project team members enabled the development and dissemination of the app. Their invaluable efforts and passion for helping families to navigate the online world is acknowledged here.

Professor Donna Cross - Beacon Director

Bec Nguyen - Digital Projects Manager

Dr Helen Monks - Senior Research Officer

Karen Forde - Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

Kate Erceg - Research Assistant

Rena Vithiatharan - Research Assistant